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What is Your Legacy?

What's your legacyImagine that tomorrow is your last day at work and your colleagues are organizing a retirement party for you. Who will be there? What they will say about you? What is the party going to look like? How will you feel?

Although retirement can be perceived as a liberation moment, it is actually the moment when you realize what you are leaving behind: the relationships that you’ve built, the people you’ve inspired and help grow, the memories you’ve created, the results, in another word, your legacy.

Building your legacy starts from the beginning of your career, from the first days you started to learn the ropes of your industry, all the way to the last days. But how can one build a legacy when he is fresh out of school, not knowing much about the corporate world or the work of their choice? It’s all very simple. Here are eight steps you can take to build a long-lasting legacy.

  1. Be curious. From the day you step into your new workspace to the last day at work, be curious about the people you work with, the work you do, and what you can do to better yourself.
  2. Build relationships. Ask any accomplished professional what his best ally was in advancing in his career, and he will tell you that the relationships he built made all the difference.
  3. Keep up to date. Stay current and informed. Being up to date with the trends of your industry will keep you in the game and relevant.
  4. Get involved. Keeping to yourself while working without offering to help your team will stop you in your tracks. Instead, use every opportunity to contribute to your team’s success, and as your skills grow, start mentoring a younger colleague.leadership-legacy
  5. Go the extra mile. Do more than you are asked. Go beyond your regular responsibilities, and you will see how to get ahead.
  6. Have hobbies. Some say the best hobbies are those that make you money, while others opt for a hobby that brings them joy, and still others prefer a hobby that keeps them in shape. It’s your choice! Hobbies will bring you balance and keep you relaxed and interesting. You’ll have more ideas and experiences to share, and you will be relevant to more people, which will help you build more relationships.
  7. Invest in your personal development. Work with a coach; create a strategy for your personal and career development. You will be ten steps ahead of others by doing so. There is a tremendous advantage by having an expert in your corner.
  8. Repeat. Maintain a routine that allows you to keep doing all the above.

Building your legacy doesn’t have to end when you close your office door and enter the world of retirement. You can still continue to leave your mark in your family or community. Here’s to your success!

Anda Tudor

Life and Career Coach / Catalyst for Positive Transformation



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