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How to use Procrastination to Your Advantage

ProcrastinationI’ve struggled with procrastination for years. Some say procrastination is just being distracted all the time, while others bluntly call it laziness. But I call it my ally. Believe it or not, it’s not that bad to be a procrastinator—if you know how to use it to your advantage. But if you don’t, it can sometimes put you in stressful situations, struggling to meet deadlines and finish projects in time.

I call procrastination my skill sharpener, my time manager and feedback receiver, as every time I have procrastinated to do something, I found better ways to do it. I got faster at completing the task and discovered new strengths within myself. I opened myself more to opportunities and solutions, and ideas flow more easily. But what can you do to use your own procrastination to better yourself?

  1. Determine why you procrastinate. Is it because you don’t like the task/project you are working on, or is it because you don’t understand it or see it as a waste of your talents? How does having to do this task/project make you feel?
  2. Explore the consequences of not accomplishing what you intended. Think about how you feel when you didn’t accomplish something because you procrastinated and it caused you to miss a deadline. Is there a consequence at work or in your business?beat_procrastination
  3. Test a new way of doing the work you’ve been putting off. Observe if you are more creative, resourceful and sharp. How is your focus?
  4. Notice the energy. Do you feel any new energy around the way you did your task? What changed?
  5. Take notes. Keeping a journal will increase your awareness, and you’ll get to know yourself better and understand why you procrastinate.
  6. Work with a coach. A coach can help you inquire within and find the best solutions for you. This will put you ahead of your competition in business or at work.

Do you procrastinate? Share your stories about procrastination here and share how you get around it.

Anda Tudor

Life and Career Coach / Catalyst for Positive Transformation





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