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MultiTasking Life: Discover Your Limits


Multitasking involves running multiple activities on multiple levels. Due to their number and requirements related to time and the level of accomplishment, the individual cannot look at them holistically most of the time. Unwittingly, he will let his brain create an amalgam of concerns that will very soon make him a prisoner in his own life.

The main problem at that moment is that he does not know exactly where to start or which elements bother him most. Everything he feels and expresses sounds like this: “I cannot continue, I cannot find myself; I do not know what is good and bad.” “I feel like everybody wants something from me.” “The family does not support me, my friends are not spending time with me anymore, and I am invisible at work.”

“Where and how did I do wrong?” “What can I do now?” he asks himself.

One of the short-term approaches in psychotherapy and coaching is the understanding and streamlining of the life roles. There are multiple life roles:

  1. Family roles:
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Son
  • Other important roles can be: godfather, etc.
  1. Work-related roles:
  • Manager
  • Colleague
  • Employee

multitasking 3

Once we have identified the roles, we can identify as clearly as possible the issues related to them and the best solutions.

Moreover, we can talk about the expectations of those you interact with when playing any of the roles above and evaluate how realistic they are, how well understood they are, and their implementation plans.

For a happy life, family roles must be in agreement with work-related roles.

Beyond these roles, each person must discover his own limits: professional and intellectual and the resources that give him the energy to go further, whether in hobbies, sports, literature, music, dance, movies, etc.

Even if the above plan seems simplistic, it is actually the base of the internal mechanics of each individual. For best results, it is better to turn to a psychologist or coach who can reflect back you cannot or do not want to see in yourself. The labor of changing may be shorter or longer, depending on your desire for change but also available resources.


Constantin Cornea, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

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