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For Individuals

We all strive to have a balanced life and be happy. Right?

Successful individualsThe key to balancing your work and personal lives is a sensitive but important strategy: a well-developed plan. The pillar of this plan is often a person who can help you organize and learn when and how to make compromises: a Life Coach.
A Life Coach helps you analyze aspects of your personal life (family, friends, society, hobbies, sports, etc.) and professional life (career, profession, work/ life balance, etc.) and assists you in your discovery journey.
As you are a complex, multi-faceted person with various interests and challenges, we tackle different aspects that can affect your work/ life balance:
•    Self-esteem
•    Parenting
•    The art of seduction for women
•    Pregnancy
•    Career: from dream to reality
•    Mastering your emotions
•    How to deal with a difficult manager
•    And many more

We are holding workshops for five to ten people via Skype or in person. Contact us for a customized quote. We’d love to get started with you!