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Father’s Day

Happy-Fathers-dayIs Father’s Day here in Canada and more than ever I am thinking about my father, who passed away 6 months ago.

My father was an optimist. I remember as a child how he smiled at me, telling me that no matter what happened, what I do, if I take a lower grade or not, make a mistake or not, things are going to turn out great.

He had a sad and complicated childhood, he missed the love of his family and that made him treasure me and my sister like the most precious treasures. He was very proud of us and our best supporters. In his eyes there were no better children than us.

I was a good student and child but with his constant encouragement I felt that I could not do wrong. I knew that no matter what, my father will be there for me. He encouraged me to explore, be brave and courageous as I can do whatever I want in this world. Although the outside world seemed limited he encouraged me to believe there is more to it, and that I can make the things I want for me happened.

I have many nice memories of my father, but the most precious for me are his optimism and curiosity to explore and discover solutions where others find closed roads. Thank you Dad for your legacy, for believing in me and make me feel so loved. I miss you.

Happy Father’s Day to you Dad! Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads who are encouraging their kids to be their best! The world needs you more than ever.

Anda Tudor,

Life Coach and Catalyst for Positive Transformation

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