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Does Success Equal Happiness?

This is one of the questions people often ask my business partner and me during leadership workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions. The question often comes from the desire to find a balance between the different aspects of one’s life. Maybe you want a family, and you have focused so much on your professional life that you are not sure how  you can have both. Or perhaps you already have a family, but you feel you are not complete or that a part of you is looking for more. Sometimes you are at a crossroad in your professional life and question the path you have chosen.

Success and happiness are not mutually exclusive, yet they are not implicit either. Remember, there is a unique view of success for each of us. Each of us see life from our individual, unique perspective through our experiences, upbringing and environment.

Some of us consider success to be:

  • A high-ranking career
  • A successful business
  • Gaining material possessions
  • Having a family, children and a healthy family life
  • Professional recognition (receiving awards for professional work, being seen as an expert in their professional field, etc.)
  • Talent recognition (for painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, etc.)
  • Personal recognition (as a diva, VIP or celebrity)
  • Knowing oneself spiritually

Success does not represent reaching happiness by default. In most cases, seeking success for the sake of material gain or to dominate others through social status will lead to emptiness, anxiety, broken relationships and more.

The best solution is to look within with the help of a coach and discover:

  1. What are your strengths and qualities?
  2. What support system you have? Do you have a coach, supportive family, friends, colleagues, etc. who can support you on your journey to success?
  3. What are your needs? Are they career, family, spiritual or material?
  4. What natural talents you have? Do you have an ability to learn a foreign language easily, to play an instrument, paint, etc.? The key is to keep developing your natural talents and see if you can either transform them into a career or a hobby that can balance your life.
  5. What are your defects? Do you talk too much? Are you sarcastic or a hypochondriac? Do you think you are too tall, short, etc.? Discover them so you know your shortcomings.

The journey to discovering oneself is not always easy, but with the right support, it will be the most important journey you’ll take in your life. Along the way, you will discover your own way to happiness and success while enjoying the ride.

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With affection,

Anda Tudor




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