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Trying To Stay Motivated During Summertime? Yes, it’s possible!

Summer is here, the beaches are calling, and parties are all over town, but you have all those big plans and goals you want to achieve. So how do you keep your motivation up when it seems like everyone else is partying down? Sure, you can take a summer break …

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Can You Hold on Until Your Next Vacation?

The summer and your vacation ended a few months ago, work and life have been keeping you busy, and your next holiday is far away. For many, this can cause frustrations, neurosis, behavioral disorders or eating disorders almost imperceptibly. Unfortunately, too many let these states wear them out and start …

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MultiTasking Life: Discover Your Limits

Multitasking involves running multiple activities on multiple levels. Due to their number and requirements related to time and the level of accomplishment, the individual cannot look at them holistically most of the time. Unwittingly, he will let his brain create an amalgam of concerns that will very soon make him …

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The Deadline or the Sword of Damocles

Unfortunately, the term “deadline” has become overused today, similar to the word “stress.” Both words are just a big doughnut increased by our own fears. “Everything is stressing me”; “I’m stressed because I am waiting at the traffic light, because I cannot find a phone number, because the restaurant bill …

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The Choices of the Modern Woman: Family or Career?

As a psychotherapist, I have heard many life stories of successful women. Thus, I learned that unlike the fairy tales from childhood in which everything ends happily with no one suffering, in real life, things are more complex. Often, women are forced by circumstances to make decisions that affect their …

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Career Vs. Relationship: How Compatible Are They?

At times, a career can come in conflict with family values. Sometimes the company brainwashes the employee, filling their mind, time, and thoughts and eventually invading them completely, including one area in which, at the beginning, the employee wanted to start and build everything – the family. “Since he was …

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