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Your Business Destiny or Free Will?


The mentality of the business man greatly resembles that of a poker player. He plays or does business for several reasons, such as: love of the game, desire to feel the same feelings adrenaline gives, for the sake of gain, for fear of being poor, the desire to be accepted by society, the desire to dominate, or the desire to be your own boss.

Of course there was also a choice where he came to believe very much in an idea and he wants to put it into practice.

What the people in this game don’t know is the psychological aspects of the problem. This can divide them into two categories: one dominated by emotional intelligence and the other dominated or controlled by adrenaline.

Those dominated by adrenaline in the poker game but also in business are the ones who forget the purpose for which they are playing, letting themselves be controlled by what they feel in a certain moment. Thus, they make decisions on the spur of the moment, not the whole situation, and may damage the situation easily.

They cannot evaluate the problem as a whole because they are impulsive and dominated by feelings, not facts. They can build empires easily, but they can lose a lot easily as well.

In fact, they are those who identify themselves with the business, who think they know everything about it and that no one knows better than them. Thus, business becomes a cloak or a shell under which they brag or hide.

Categorically, from the psychological point of view, we can say that these are emotionally immature, narcissists, megalomaniacs or those very traumatized by certain events that have sparked all kinds of fears in them.


Those dominated by emotional intelligence are characterized by an emotional maturity that enables them to make decisions after assessing the situation at 360 degrees. They are those who think first and then speak or those who, when they don’t know something, take their time to seek advice and then respond. They are also those who can grow a business to sell it when mature, as they grow their business for the pleasure of the game and not for their personal gain.

Their emotional intelligence helps them understand some primordial issues in a business:

  • What are their personal limits regarding time, professional experience, emotional intelligence and social experience?
  • What are the financial limits that can allow them to continue the game?
  • What are their personal flaws and can they compensate for them by hiring counselors?
  • When a business has reached maturity and has to be sold because he can no longer afford to grow it due to financial or time reasons or because the benefits obtained from the sale are at their highest and it is time for him to start something new.
  • When he easily notices that he can grow the business and find resources for it, which allows him to grow without limiting himself only to the start-up area

For this reason, you should notice the difference in time between the two categories so you can know your limits. Only in this way can you decide to work with a coach to overcome them or to withdraw before it is too late, from a professional or personal perspective.

Constantin Cornea, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

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