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Blueprints For Building Your Love Story – How to Find the Right Partner

Recently, I’ve attended many events, and inevitably, the most-discussed topic at social events for women is finding a partner. The discussion starts with how hard it is to find a good man, especially in Vancouver. Then the talk moves to the various methods of finding a partner, with the internet …

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What is Your Legacy?

Imagine that tomorrow is your last day at work and your colleagues are organizing a retirement party for you. Who will be there? What they will say about you? What is the party going to look like? How will you feel? Although retirement can be perceived as a liberation moment, …

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Trying To Stay Motivated During Summertime? Yes, it’s possible!

Summer is here, the beaches are calling, and parties are all over town, but you have all those big plans and goals you want to achieve. So how do you keep your motivation up when it seems like everyone else is partying down? Sure, you can take a summer break …

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Father’s Day

Is Father’s Day here in Canada and more than ever I am thinking about my father, who passed away 6 months ago. My father was an optimist. I remember as a child how he smiled at me, telling me that no matter what happened, what I do, if I take …

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Raising or Educating a Child?

“Man can become human only through education” – Immanuel Kant. Countless times I have noticed in my practice that parents do not understand the difference between raising and educating a child. Moreover, I saw how aggressive parents can become when I put into question their skills as parents and how …

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Can You Hold on Until Your Next Vacation?

The summer and your vacation ended a few months ago, work and life have been keeping you busy, and your next holiday is far away. For many, this can cause frustrations, neurosis, behavioral disorders or eating disorders almost imperceptibly. Unfortunately, too many let these states wear them out and start …

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